Practical Info


What might come handy when visiting the Czech Republic


Czechia is a standard civilized European country but we do not pay in Euro. The local currency is the Czech crown (in Czech “koruna”), abbreviated Czk or Kč.
At present, the exchange rate is approximately 27.8 Czk/Eur and 21.1 Czk/USD.

Credit/debit cards (VISA, MasterCard, Maestro) are frequently accepted in hotels and larger shops throughout the country, and some shops might accept Euro. However, you should have some cash when travelling. Getting some cash from ATM might be more convenient than using exchange offices (some of which may use inconvenient exchange rates). Both ATM and exchange office are available in Lednice.


The conference takes place in autumn, and the weather in this period is unpredictable. Although Lednice is located in the warmest part of the country, be ready for all kinds of autumn weather (except of snow). With some luck, we may have chilly mornings and beautiful sunny days exceeding 20 °C. With bad luck, a windy and rainy weather with temperatures not exceeding 15 °C may last forthe whole week. In the evenings, it will always get relatively cold outside.
You may check an up-to-date 5-day weather forecast for Lednice before your journey.


We use 230 V / 50 Hz electric network, and our sockets look like this. Make sure your appliances are compatible (or get a travel adapter)!

Emergency numbers

If you need assistance of ambulance of police, call 112 from any phone (including your cell phone while roaming). If you urgently need to get into touch with the conference organizers, call one of their cell phones.

Tips (in the pub)

The service is usually not included in price in pubs or restaurants. If you are happy with the service, it is customary to round up your bill  and tell the waiter the total sum you are willing to pay. There is no fixed percentage expected but typically the tip is around 5-10%  (example: bill 165 Czk is rounded up to 180 Czk, 430 Czk is rounded to 450 Czk).

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