First circular

Dear colleagues,

I would like to announce first information about the upcoming 10th
Symposium on Cladocera to be held in 2014 in the Czech Republic.

As it became a tradition, this triannual meeting will focus on wide
range of topics related to the biology of cladocerans, including their
ecology, evolutionary biology and diversity, stressing their use as
model organisms. With the availability of the Daphnia genome, its
inclusion among NIH-recognised model organisms, and strong advances in
fields such as Daphnia genomics, I hope this aspect will be increasingly
represented as well.

When: September 28 to October 3, 2014
Where: Mikulov, Czech Republic
Keynote speakers:
Luc De Meester (Katholieke University Leuven, Belgium)
Michael Lynch (Indiana University, Bloomington, USA)

More information on the venue: the small historical town of Mikulov, at
the edge of Lednice-Valtice Cultural Landscape (UNESCO World Heritage
Site), close to border with Austria, boasts not only many historical
monuments and excellent winery, but also a well-equipped conference
centre that will host the conference. It has good access from Vienna,
Bratislava and Prague international airports.

Please, spread this information to colleagues who might find this
event interesting, and mark the conference dates in your diaries!

With regards on behalf of Cladocera 2014 organisers


Adam Petrusek
Department of Ecology
Charles University in Prague
Vinicna 7
CZ-12844 Prague 2
Czech Republic

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